Sarah Firnberg

Sarah Firnberg’s fascination with overcoming disease has led to many years of university study, including education in the Orthodox Medical Sciences, a degree in Medical Herbalism and post-graduate education in Nutrition.  However it is the hundreds of patients she has seen, during the course of over 10 years of busy practice that have taught her the most.

Sarah has a particular interest in healthy ageing. She runs workshops, with associated 1 to 1 programs in the following areas:

Brain Health.

(Next workshop Wednesday 1st February – call Ultra Health to book)

This is for you if

  • You would love to have a vibrant, focused mind
  • You feel your thinking isn’t as clear or focused as it used to be
  • You find yourself always searching for words or names
  • Your short term memory isn’t as good as it once was
  • You want to do everything you to keep your mind healthy in old age.


Reflux (Heartburn or GERD).

  • Learn simple strategies for overcoming this uncomfortable condition  – for good!


Heart Health 

  • Healthy cholesterol
  • Keep your blood pressure down
  • Some surprising, very common causes of heart disease you may not be aware of.

Mood Health – low mood and anxiety

  • Learn about the very common nutritional deficiencies associated with low mood and anxiety
  • Learn some simple lifestyle strategies, with proven benefits
  • Learn about some specific foods, which research suggests you may benefit from avoiding