Deborah is a Nutritional Naturopath, Certified GAPS ™Practitioner, and Dyslexia specialist. She joined the Ultra Health Centre in 2012, and focuses her work on babies, children and teens. The GAPS healing protocol is the foundation of therapy. Testing of nutrient status, gut health, hormones, parasites and heavy metals using energetic machines allows for accurate diagnoses and tailored treatment plans using nutritional supplements and dietary therapies.

As a mother of four, Deborah understands the importance of pregnancy preparation. Detoxing parasites and heavy metals and having optimum nutrients available to mother and baby reduces the likelihood of GAPS conditions – autism, dyslexia, ADHD, gut disorders, anxiety, allergies and food.

Workshops are held locally to support patients in their quest to achieve optimum health. GAPS, Mamatoto, Smalltalk and Baby Massage are available and all include a session on fermenting foods.

*To find out more about GAPS go to, To reserve a place for an upcoming workshop, or make an appointment for a consultation contact the clinic 9389 7390.

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